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AAD Connect Multi-Domain Support Claim Rule Problems

Today I encountered that the multi-domain support ADFS claim rule generated by AAD Connect version is gives problems in some cases (version 1.1.486.0, april 2017). The rule configured by AAD Connect is as follows:

c1:[Type == ""]
 && c2:[Type == 

Set-AzureADUser password using a PasswordProfile in Azure Active Directory V2 PowerShell Module

As you may know Microsoft has the successor of the good old Azure AD Powershell Modules (now called v1) in preview: Azure Active Directory V2 Powershell Modules.

In the V1 version of the AAD PowerShell modules you could simply …


Inter-forest Migration: How to use a “hybrid” ImmutableID when federating with Azure AD


When you are working on an inter-forest migration in an environment that is integrated with Azure AD / Office 365 you should take care how to manage the ImmutableID. This has impact on how Single Sign On works with …


Full Azure AD access without Credit Card in Trial

Imagine a situation where a customer wants to do a Proof of Concept (POC) with on premise Azure Multi Factor Authentication (Azure MFA server) and on premise Self Service Password Reset (SSPR). These services are included in the Azure Active …